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5x Steps for Success When Caring for Your Natural Stones

5x Steps for Success When Caring for Your Natural Stones

Unrivalled in its classical beauty, natural stone is used around the world in both domestic and commercial spaces from small intimidate homes to large office blocks and buildings. It is used indoor and outdoor to extend living spaces, experiences and expectations, due to its durability and visual appeal. A material gaining in popularity that can serve you many years with the proper care and maintenance.

But don’t let the word “stone” fool you – although more than capable to stand the test of time, natural stone is a delicate material that needs to be protected and regularly treated, to help prevent against daily wear and tear such as scratches and stains.

Below we have summed up our 5x top tips about cleaning and maintenance of natural stone. Follow these and your limestone, sandstone, quartzite, porphyry, granite or slate tiles will serve you for generations.

A sweep a day, keeps the scratches at bay!Natural stone flooring can sometimes scratch with dirt and grit brought in from the outside world. It could be argued that in some cases this can give your stone a weathered over-over-time look but take our word for it, where possible try to minimise this by sweeping or vacuuming the area frequently and using rugs to keep sand and dirt off the floor.

When life gives you lemons, add water! – Although sealants protect against many things like grease and oil, they don’t protect your natural stone surfaces against acid etching. If you accidentally drop something acidic onto your tiles such as lemon juice, cola, vinegar or wine, it’s important to neutralise it with water immediately and then clean it thoroughly.

Don’t cry over spilt milk! – This is our best kept secret yet! If you spill liquids, try using your vacuum with a brush attachment first before spot cleaning. This technique is beneficial for any tiled floor that has light grout to keep it looking high quality for years to come.

Keep it neutral – When cleaning your natural stone surface, always do this with pH balanced / neutral products, as harsh cleaning products can damage the surface of your stone. Cleaners with detergents can also leave a residue on the stone which is difficult to rinse off and collects dirt so best avoided at all costs. It’s also best to test any new products on a small area before full application.

If you’re looking for recommendations on the best cleaning products out there, we can’t get enough of Stain-Proof (Please refer to our accessories section)

Say goodbye to stains! – If you have any particularly difficult stains to remove, apply undiluted floor cleaner to the stains and leave it to work for at least 5 minutes. Before the cleaner dries, scrub the area with a suitable brush. Wipe up the cleaner with an absorbent paper towel and rinse the remaining cleaner off thoroughly with a mop and fresh water. Repeat as necessary.

Please feel free to reach out to our experienced Strata Stones customer services team for any questions you may have about how to care and maintain natural stones products.