If you are looking to pave your garden patio, backyard, walkway, etc., or revamp the existing outdoor floor, then porcelain paving stones are one of the best choices out there. However, you need to know about a lot of things before starting the paving work with porcelain.

It is crucial because you can find several other great options for paving, such as granite, sandstone, etc. You must know about the basics of porcelain, its properties, and a number of more things before finalizing it.

There is no doubt that porcelain has several benefits, including good look, durability, versatile design, easy maintenance, long-lasting, and variations in colors. It sounds overwhelming to go ahead with porcelain paving slabs.

Regardless of its characteristics, properties, and benefits, here are some important things to know when buying porcelain paving.

  1. Porcelain is multi-purpose stone

    Porcelain is usually known for paving purposes. However, it is a good choice for different purposes. For example, it can be used for bathroom walls, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

    The reason behind porcelain being multi-purpose is that its density is higher than ceramic tiles and exhibits lower moisture content. This makes porcelain paving slabs highly durable and suitable for both flooring and walling.

    Using right type of porcelain stones is important

    There is a broad range of porcelain paving stones available in the market. Not every porcelain slab is meant for all purposes. For example, you would want polished porcelain paving slabs for luxurious floors because of their sleek finish. However, these won’t be suitable for garden patio flooring.

    Porcelain paving slabs with a matt finish are excellent for almost every type of flooring. For areas that need slip-resistant flooring, it would be better to go with textured porcelain paving slabs. Hence, you must know this thing before buying porcelain.

    Purposefully choose relevant size and design

    Porcelain gives you a lot of choices when it comes to choosing size, designs, patterns, and colors. You can choose from these things according to your preference. However, your choices should be imperative because walls and floors are the primary things that add look and feel to your property.

    For a living room, you can choose large-sized slabs as they will bring a contemporary look. For kitchens, square or rectangular-shaped medium-sized paving slabs will be more suitable for a natural and calm feel.

    If you are using porcelain outdoor slabs for the walkway, then the size matters a lot. For short walkways, you can use small slabs or lengthy slabs to make them look longer.

    Porcelain is a artificial stone

    Unlike natural stones like granite and sandstone, porcelain is a man-made stone, which is why you find a wide variety of options in it. While manufacturing, it can be created with numerous colors and patterns. It is made by baking sand and synthetic over very high temperatures. This makes the resulting slabs harder and stronger compared to regular ceramic tiles. Because of that, porcelain is also durable, non-porous, and an appropriate choice for paving.

    Porcelain tiles are extremely strong

    If toughness and durability are your priority for paving, then porcelain tiles are incredibly tough. You can use them for walkways and driveways that see heavy footfall and vehicle traffic. Since it is baked at extremely high temperatures, the slabs and stones of porcelain are very strong, exhibit high durability and density.

    This quality of porcelain makes it an ideal choice for commercial purposes like driveways and roads with regular traffic.

    It’s stain resistant due to non-porous nature

    Another important thing that you must know about porcelain paving slabs is that because of their non-porous nature; these are exceptionally stain resistant. It is yet another beneficial characteristic of these stones. The non-porous nature makes the liquids sit on the stone surface instead of allowing them to get absorbed like typical stones.

    Even if oily products spill on porcelain paving slabs, these can be cleaned out easily without worrying about stains. Once cleaned, the spill marks will be gone. This quality or feature is another reason behind choosing it for driveways because vehicles tend to leak some oil and grease, which can be cleaned quickly.

    If used for outdoor flooring, you can stay assured that the tiles will remain good-looking for so many years.

    Ensure to test samples before installation

    Don’t get impressed by the beauty and designs of the porcelain slab options you see in photographs or at the supplier. These should not be the sole decision drivers because when you install them at your property, the overall look and feel may not come as expected. The appearance of your existing property also matters.

    What you should do is go with some samples and test them before finalizing the colors, patterns, and designs of stones. Once you have figured out what’s working the best for you, proceed with buying the full package. Some suppliers provide free samples that you can return after the test.

    Maintenance cost of porcelain is low

    Another considerable factor while purchasing porcelain slabs is how much maintenance it requires post-installation. On that front, it is a highly satisfactory choice, thanks to its strength and non-porous nature.

    It lasts for numerous years without getting cracks. The colors also don’t fade away easily which is a thing worth considering for outdoor paving stones in direct sunlight.

    The cleaning process is also easy. Just use a soft-bristled broom or cotton cloth with soapy water, and the stains will be gone. Avoid the use of rigid materials while cleaning to prevent scratches. Even if you do it once in one or two months, that will suffice to keep paving in a new-like condition.

    Wrapping Up:

    These are some of the must-know things to count on before going with porcelain paving slabs for your property. It is undoubtedly one of the best options out there in the market in terms of durability, resistivity, variety in colors and patterns, maintenance, and overall cost. Moreover, it can be used for other purposes as well, apart from outdoor flooring.


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