Who wouldn’t enjoy refreshing swimming in their outdoor pools in the summer? A swimming pool on the property is the finest water feature for adorning your residence. Even when you’re sitting in the kitchen or living room, gazing out through the sliders and watching the water swirl and sway is soothing.

Most people associate “swimming pool” with “summer, relaxation, exercise, and enjoyment.” They recall all the cool, delightful dives they had during the scorching warm days; gatherings, celebrations, and, of course, relays.

A swimming pool offers a way to a healthier lifestyle with more time for living. More time spent with family and friends, more time spent exercising, and more time spent relaxing (physically and mentally).

But, are you afraid you will slip and embarrass yourself in front of friends at a pool party or kids would get injured because the beautiful decks are pretty slippery? Don’t worry, not anymore.

Porcelain paving slabs are at the rescue. Porcelain is appropriate for usage around swimming pools and regular outdoor paving because it has the highest slip rating P5, higher than what is necessary for wet settings such as those found around pools.

Are you confused about why to choose porcelain paving slabs over natural stones? One advantage of adopting porcelain patio tiles over natural stone is that it requires less care, which we believe you will consider applying.

Not only this, outdoor porcelain slabs are identical to interior porcelain pavers, except they are sturdier and more durable. They are the ideal material for making a pool surround.

Outdoor porcelain paving slabs for sale offer a variety of sizes, patterns, textures, and shades, as well as planks and big modular shapes, as well as representations of real stone and wood. They are adaptable and can be installed on grass, gravel, soil, or sand.

In case you haven’t heard about the very popular porcelain outdoor slabs, here’s all you need to know about porcelain paving; what they are made of and why they are so popular.

Porcelain Paving Slabs

Porcelain, made of clay and sand, has the look and feel of high-quality natural stone but the modern qualities of concrete paving slabs as they are fired at high temperatures. This makes them suitable for folks who can’t decide between natural stone and concrete pavers.

While choosing material for your pool surroundings, it is important to opt for one that is durable and tough but also mixture resistant, as it should be able to handle the frequent contact with water it will experience.

In this case, there are many reasons why outdoor porcelain tiles are a good choice for your pool surroundings or your pool decks. Let us read about some of them.

Why Choose Porcelain Outdoor Slabs?

Since its humble beginnings in China, porcelain has gone a long way. Manufacturers are now producing porcelain pavers that look like natural stone or wood. Porcelain has grown in favour as an outdoor material as new production techniques have resulted in a thicker, more durable product.

Outdoor porcelain slabs are slip resistant

Porcelain is fully impervious to water. As a result, it is moisture-resistant and can have a texture that makes it highly slip-resistant. Because it is a non-slip surface, it is ideal for use on pathways, heavily used areas, and pool surrounds.

When dry, most types of flooring are relatively slip-resistant. Water, dust, oil, or solvents, on the other hand, can significantly diminish the non-slip effectiveness, but that is not the case with outdoor porcelain tiles as they remain slip-resistant even if in contact with water and, therefore, can help you keep the fun mood alive when hosting a pool party instead of being worried about accidents and mishaps.

Frost resistant and extremely robust

Because non-porous pavers do not absorb moisture, they are frost resistant in extreme cold and keep cool on your feet on a hot day. Porcelain paving slabs do not fluctuate with extreme heat and cold because of these similar principles, which means they do not get damaged by expansion and contraction. They are significantly denser than other materials of equivalent dimensions due to their non-porous nature; making them significantly more robust and resistant to degradation, scratching, and chipping, which is quite common for any material in excess contact with water.

Therefore, you won’t have to renovate your pool surroundings with outdoor porcelain tiles, and you can enjoy your pool for decades to come.

Beautiful and UV proof

UV and fade resistance are both present in porcelain patio tiles. This means that ten years from now, they’ll still look just as good as the day you installed them. The glaze is fired to temperatures above 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, making the surface tough and resistant to wear. The colour will also hold up to years of exposure to the sun.

Additionally, because it is a man-made substance, it may mimic the appearance and texture of any natural material, such as stone or wood. Because of this, it has become highly well-liked among homeowners and is ideal for making a creative statement in your outdoor space.

An affordable alternative to natural stone

Natural stones like marble, granite, slate, or travertine are more expensive; porcelain slabs in the UK are a more affordable substitute. The appearance of these natural materials can be replicated for a significantly lower cost.

Natural materials like wood and natural stone can be replaced effectively with porcelain pavers. They have a stunning appearance, are resilient, fashionable, non-porous, won’t fade, and are an inexpensive option. Consider using porcelain outdoor slabs if you want to hardscape around your pool.

Final Words

We hope we were able to brief you well about porcelain paving and have given you many reasons for choosing the same. Check out the beautiful range of porcelain paving slabs for sale and add an aesthetic and irresistible finish to your pool surroundings today.


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