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At Stratastones, we understand that finding the right floor or wall tile for your space is really important. Every client brings with them individual styles, likes and dislikes, and the ability to cater to each of these is the beauty of our brand.

Our Bespoke Approach

We believe that interior design is an art, a true form of self-expression. Every room, every wall, every tile has a story, and we want to help you tell yours.

Every customer we work with is looking for something different, and every project comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. Exploring these endless possibilities is an exciting and fruitful process, and we are proud to be able to tailor our solutions to bring your vision to life. Our ability to work closely and creatively with designers and architects, while adapting existing product lines or creating completely new models, is fundamental to the way we operate.

We have a rich history and portfolio of working on an array of bespoke projects with our customers and we are committed to helping you every step of the way. Lose yourself in our bespoke inspirations by visiting the gallery below:

How do we do it

Our factories incorporate state of the art machineries that enable us to manufacture a variety of finishes and textures, from traditional to more contemporary styles. Using the latest CNC, laser and water jet technologies we are able to offer our clients custom solutions to meet the needs of any project.

With constant emphasis on R&D, we strive hard to continually improve how we operate and have perfected many techniques such as metal and stone inlay, liquid metal coating and etching. All of which can be used for elements like crests, signatures or the engraving of personal messages into specific paving pieces.

Our in-house design team are always available to advise and develop customised concepts based on your requirements, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Commercial Projects

At Strata we pride ourselves on being able to find creative solutions to your hard landscaping requirements and by combining our wealth of experience across each sector, we can assist you with every aspect of your project requirements. Working on substantial ventures throughout Europe, Asia and the rest of the World, our specialist team is used to operating within and adhering to numerous different laws and regulations as well as a variety of governing bodies across 40 different countries. When you buy stone from Strata, you do so in the knowledge that our teams are regularly checking the material used, and that the many different finishes shown in this brochure are processed through our own factories, thereby approved by our Quality Assurance teams before dispatch to our customers worldwide. Put us to the test and we will deliver a superior stone product with an exemplary, first class, service at extremely, competitive prices.

Total supply chain management

We are delighted to offer a total supply chain management, from our own quarries in India* through to our own manufacturing operations that process and package the full range of textures and finishes. This includes our own distribution hub in Ipswich, where we stock natural stone paving and interior tiles on our 7 acre site, and from where we can dispatch all over Europe to meet the specific needs of our customers, whether it be one tile, one crate or full 24 ton loads

No packing at the quarry

Most companies exporting natural sandstone are inclined to get the stone processed and packed at the quarry head. Such a process gives no specific guarantee that there has been an adherence to the labour laws besides the quality standards.

Being a natural stone, there can always be variation but some companies in the UK add words like BLEND or MIX to the name of sandstone in a bid to get around the problem of the extreme mix of colours.

Lots of quarries have different colours of sandstone running through the seams. When products are packed at the quarry, It is impossible to carry out a selection process that ensures that the quality and colour of the stone meets specific standards. At Stone Age, we refuse to pack anything at the quarry head. All the raw material is transported to our manufacturing facilities at Bundi and Jaipur ensuring consistency and quality of our product.

Quality assurance

The majority of the non-indigenous natural stone supplied is offered to the UK market through wholesalers. At Strata we offer our clients the confidence that emanates from knowing we are the source for the raw material and manufacturer of the majority of the products that we offer. This guarantees our stone is produced to the highest calibre, in accordance with the harmonised European standards for manufacturing compliance and material sourcing, and is embraced by the CE mark as standard on our products. Strata customers can be assured that our stone is sourced from quarries that are fully compliant with ethical trading standards, in line with our processing operations.

This is validated by the fact that all our documentation, procedures and practises are independently audited and comply with ISO9001:2008 and SA8000:2008, by TUV Rheinland, a leading international body for the certification of safety and quality in products, processes and management systems.

Ethical trading

We are proud to hold the Stone Federation’s Ethical Stone Register Verification Certificate which is a unique, certified process created by the UK’s trade association specifically in response to The Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the issues of sourcing materials responsibly.

This means that;

  • We care about the environment
  • We care about the quality of our products
  • We do not compromise on Health & Safety
  • We care about our employees and accept NO child

Allowing our clients peace of mind knowing that we fully embrace and comply with the requirements under this scheme unlike the majority of UK suppliers of Indian Stone. Below are the stringent criteria we were measured on (and are still subject to spot checks) ensuring we adhere to the standards introduced by The Stone Federation and which were independently audited by the Anthesis Group.

Customised production

Our expertise in natural stone, and being one of the few suppliers in the UK with their own factory facilities with latest machines and new technologies, means we can offer our clients custom made solutions to meet any specific needs. A few examples to whet your clients’ appetite are shown on these pages, from large scale commercial contracts for paving and cladding in Europe, to creating personalised shapes and designs in stone to add the individuality to the project that many of our client’s desire.

This means that we can create paving and cladding with different shapes, patterns, textures, inlays and carving that is specific to your clients’ needs and requirements.

Our BESPOKE attitude

For us, bespoke services and projects are not an extra, but rather an integral part of our whole approach. The ability to work closely and creatively with external designers and architects, to adapt existing product lines or create completely new models, is fundamental to the way we operate. If you are looking for something original or exclusive, we would be delighted to hear your ideas. As creative partners, you’ll find us to be attentive, professional and always stimulating.

The many models in our collections can be adapted to match the requirements of a particular scheme whether interior or exterior. Alternatively, starting from your own aesthetic vision, our in-house design team can develop customised concepts to discuss and fine-tune. In addition, you can also consider the use of inlays in your paving using metals or other stones that can enable crests, signatures or personal messages to be engraved and incorporated into specific paving pieces.

Our Research and Development process is constant and comprehensive. So not only does it guarantee a steady flow of new ideas, it also ensures that no new product is launched until we are fully satisfied it meets our rigorous criteria for durability and quality. What’s more, everything is meticulously checked before being carefully packed and shipped to our customer. In short, while the beauty of our products is clearly visible on the surface, their quality runs much deeper.


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