Get it right- not in terms of aesthetics but the practical touches as well!

You might have probably considered adding an interesting element of design to your home landscaping. And end up delaying the project because you are overwhelmed by the cost, space it will take up, how long the project will take to complete, and more.

If you have always dreamed of outdoor entertaining, thankfully, you can either install your patio in the tiniest of the spaces next to your home for a ‘deck-like’ feel or install it elsewhere in the backyard to make the area pop out. Whether you want to add a brand new zone in your backyard or just update your current patio with a fresh look, there are tons of designs of natural stone flooring to choose from that too on a budget and will still give you beautiful results!

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Natural Stone Solution For Patio Flooring Design Ideas

It can be challenging to decide which one to choose for your design since there is a range of natural stones, each coming with its own set of distinguishing features and characteristics. Here are a few pointers to consider:
1. Assess your lifestyle and needs: If you have a large family, cook on a daily basis, and like to have people over, then you need durable and easy-to-maintain surfaces. While if your home sees little traffic and no busy household activities, or if elegance and aesthetics are your primary concern you can prefer a glamorous look over the practical one.

2. Cost: The cost of the material and the cost of the installation are also major factors to take into account when choosing natural stone for your next patio project. Before that, you are advised to contact local providers, get estimates according to your specific needs and budget.
Without a doubt, all natural stones are extremely beautiful and most of them stand up to a variety of uses. However, some can be very expensive because of distinct qualities while others are affordable.

3. Design and theme: The style and design of your patio should correspond to your outdoor area. You can either match it with the theme or go all out with a different theme. All you need to choose the best type of natural stone that fits your preferences.

4. Lifespan of the stone: When you are investing in building a patio, you would want to consider if the stone you are choosing for an outdoor patio stands the test of time and holds up to extreme weather conditions.

Looking for something modern or a sense of rustic charm? Here are some of the best small patio ideas with natural stones

1. The Smoother Style with Limestone: For a traditional or country-style property you may choose to go for this classic, tidy looking patio- alongside a drystone wall and some classic furniture pieces. If you love the look and feel of organic layouts, these can be used to define key sections, such as seating areas or fireplaces surrounding the mantels.
2. The Charm of Marble: Just because the regular stone is grey or classic brown that doesn’t mean you will be able to use the versatile and luxury marble with a rich palette of colors. These work best if you don’t have a large backyard, you can build a natural patio on the back porch and make up a small and functional space. While this can work great for an elevated tabletop patio with another patio for entrance and small seats used for sitting.

3. Moody Tones with Quartzite: Want to give your garden a sophisticated and sumptuous vibe? You can make the entire patio look more interesting and distinct by adding deep dark shades with a pleasing medium-grained texture. Moreover, you can also choose more from the sedate shade from white, beige, purple, and pink- which particularly works well when choosing a monochromatic palette to make the small space look more sleek and smooth.

4. Rustic Look with Sandstone: Keeping it rustic is your best approach. After all, the basic idea behind small patio ideas and choosing flooring is to blend the stone with the environment and offer a sense of balance. Being resistant to weathering processes, these patios will apply to when the area is surrounded by a garden. If you are looking for something extraordinary at the same time you can go for in-ground patio designs.

5. Conservative yet interesting look with Slate: If you are someone who likes to keep things very simple, then this would make a fabulous choice. A nice hardscaping with subtle hints of black and greys and a comfortable place to gather with your family will actually give a distinct design and impressive design to your backyard. And with this, you can literally take your patio to another level!


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