Sitting on a patio surrounded by greenery and relishing your favourite beverage- absolutely nothing sounds more relaxing than this, doesn’t it? If you wish to experience such pleasurable moments every day in your home, then you must construct a patio using porcelain paving slabs which are known for their durability, slip-resistance, and versatility in design choices. However, selecting the right patio porcelain slabs isn’t smooth sailing as it involves considering several factors.

Being one of the leading premium quality natural stone suppliers in the UK, Strata Stones understand its buyers and the challenges they face while choosing the perfect porcelain patio slabs for their living spaces. This is exactly why we have come up with this blog which will serve as a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect ones for your home exteriors. Let’s take a read and thank us later!

Clarify the Purpose

Why do you want to build a patio? Is it for outdoor dining, relaxing in the evening? To conduct casual business meetings? A play area for kids? Or host gatherings? When you clearly know the purpose behind the construction of a patio, it will be more convenient for you to make the decision of buying the patio porcelain slabs according to your plan to use the patio. This will determine what kind of quality, texture, design, and colour of slabs will be needed. In case you feel befuddled while making the selection, you can connect with our experts who will guide you throughout.

Consider the Size and Layout

Whether you need tiles or slabs for exterior stone flooring or for interiors, without measuring the floor area you cannot make the right purchase decision. Thus, make sure you measure the patio area gingerly to understand the quantity and size of the slabs needed to install there. Also, consider the layout as you may need large-format slabs or smaller tiles to create a unique and creative design on the surface. From herringbone, mosaic patterns, and interlocking circles to checkerboard and ombre effect, you can choose any striking design out of these to make an impactful visual appeal.

Keep the Colour and Design in Mind

The colours and design you choose reflect your personal taste and preferences. This decision will surely impact how your patio appears to your guests and acquaintances. Thus, make sure you pick the hues that complement your home’s exterior and landscaping. If you choose bold, vivid colours in porcelain outdoor slabs and the exteriors are minimalistic, then it may not look cohesive. On the other hand, if you choose neutral tones, they will harmonise with the surrounding and also create an illusion of making your patio area spacious and bigger.

Pay Attention to Texture and Finish

Porcelain outdoor slabs have a treasure of a plethora of textures and finishes. The collection available with us is humongous and can spoil you for choices. We suggest that you must not only focus on the aesthetics but also on other essential attributes and features, such as slip resistance and ease of maintenance. Your patio can also become a play area for kids and a walking space for elderly in the family. Therefore, you must pay attention to the textures that provide more grip to avoid slipping accidents. Also, make a selection between a glossy or matte finish according to your design preferences and overall look.

Weather Resistance

Exterior stone tiles or patio slabs need to be selected after a careful consideration of the weather. As outdoors are most affected by the vicissitudes of climate and weather conditions, the porcelain paving material should be of top-notch quality. Ensure that you buy the slabs which are exclusively designed for outdoor applications so that they can withstand extreme rains or cold. In addition, look for features like frost resistance, UV stability, and resistance to stains and scratches.

Durability & Longevity

From builders to architects and construction companies, they all vouch for porcelain driveway, walkway, patio, and other outdoor areas for the reason that porcelain outdoor slabs are exceptionally durable. They are able to withstand heavy foot traffic, harsh weather conditions, and temperature fluctuations without cracking or fading. This durability ensures the longevity of outdoor flooring. Thus, always remember that with porcelain you are not spending your money, rather investing it for many more years to come. 

Maintenance Needs

In order to maintain the longevity and lustre of some textured porcelain patio slabs, you will have to pay more attention. However, there are some types which are relatively low maintenance as they naturally resist staining, mold, mildew, etc. Select the surface which you can maintain easily without much effort. With a regular cleaning regime like sweeping and mopping with a mild detergent, you can keep them looking their best for several decades. 

Budget Consideration

Make sure you plan your patio construction budget beforehand and then start exploring the options. Naturally, the budget may go a little up considering the kind of texture, finish, colour, and size of the slabs you choose. But, this is the beauty of buying from Strata Stones- we have a huge collection of porcelain slabs in different price ranges based on the quality and designs. In a nutshell, we have something impactful for every buyer who wishes to build a patio of his dreams. 

By keeping these factors in mind, you will be able to choose the right patio porcelain slabs for the patio of your dreams. These slabs will not only elevate the aesthetics of your exteriors but also meet functional requirements and promote safety. Whether you like to host guests for an alfresco dinner or spend some quality time with your family on weekends, a well-built patio promises to give you wonderful memories to cherish.

As responsible natural stone suppliers in the UK, Strata Stones produce porcelain outdoor slabs from natural materials using ethical processes, ensuring that it is an eco-friendly choice for buyers. It ensures sustainability which contributes to safeguarding our planet.

Though you may find several natural stone suppliers online, it is wise to choose reputed suppliers like Strata Stones that offer warranties on the slabs to ensure their quality and longevity. If you want to see how your selected slabs will look in your outdoor patio, then request us for a sample and observe these slabs at various times of the day to make an informed decision. We are committed to building happy spaces- be it residential or commercial with the supreme natural stones. So, don’t wait anymore. Explore our collection and place an order at best prices!


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