In summers, who doesn’t like to spend cosy evenings outdoors and take a walk in fresh air?

It’s a well-needed outing you deserve after cold. But before you make up your mind about such an outing, it is important to make sure that your outdoors are nicely cleaned to spend some cosy evenings.

With outdoor porcelain slabs, it is justified for homeowners to assume that outdoor tile cleaning can be a tedious process, and therefore many of them like to avoid doing it.

While it is not the truth, dealing with your outdoor tiles is much easier. In this blog, we will deep dive into an easy process of cleaning your outdoor porcelain and quarry tiles.

We will break down this process into different parts, making it quick and effective.

Is cleaning your outdoor porcelain tiles and quarry tiles important?

Porcelain outdoor slabs and outdoor quarry tiles have a lot of capabilities that make them an ideal choice for outdoors.

Firstly, porcelain and quarry are extremely durable and can stay unaffected by harsh weather and other atrocities of mother nature.

Secondly, outdoor porcelain paving slabs and quarry tiles are mostly anti-slip as they come with a good grip and are safe during the rainy season.

Thirdly, outdoor porcelain tiles and quarry tiles are relatively less porous as compared to other materials and thus do not absorb a lot of water, making these materials water-resistant.

These were only a few advantages you avail yourself of through porcelain and quarry tiles and making them materials that do not require tedious maintenance tasks to look beautiful.

But that doesn’t mean that they do not need any care. Every material should be given a little care and maintenance from time to time, at least twice a year, to ensure the tiles do not lose their texture and colour for decades, and we are pretty sure no one would want to compromise their outdoor tiles for a little effort.

Let us now answer the most important questions that come across regarding the cleaning of outdoor porcelain slabs as well as quarry tiles.

Is it difficult to clean outdoor porcelain paving slabs or quarry tiles?

No, it is not.

As discussed earlier, it is easier for people to assume that cleaning outdoor tiles is a hard task to get done, while the strengths of these tiles make them easier to deal with.

Therefore, we only need some time, effort, and simple equipment to clean outdoor porcelain patio tiles and quarry tiles.

What equipment is required for the cleaning of outdoor porcelain paving and quarry tiles?

The list you need to look at before starting your cleaning process is quite shorter than what you expected it to be.

  • A broom
  • A soft cloth
  • Rubber gloves
  • Hand bristled brush
  • Tile cleaner

These are some general things that you might already have at your house; whilst some items are unnecessary, having them can make your cleaning process more convenient.

  • Hosepipe
  • Pressure washer
  • Leaf blower

Step by step cleaning guide for your outdoor porcelain patio tiles:

The pre-cleaning process: Before starting with the cleaning process, it is important to make sure that your tiles are free of any leaves, dust, or twigs.

To attain such tiles, you can easily use a hard-bristled brush. Keep in mind that you are only getting rid of the debris from the surface but not around the surface so that the tiles are properly cleaned so that the cleaning process is easy, and your tiles look amusing after the cleaning process.

Any residue will hamper your cleaning process and will not give you properly cleaned tiles. Therefore, all of the residue and the debris should be removed and thrown away before starting the proper cleaning process.

After your pre-cleaning process, you can go ahead with your cleaning process.

Cleaning process: Pick a good cleaner from the market, and you can choose a strong acid-based one without worrying about the damage to your tiles as they are quite tough.

Start by rinsing your floor with water using a hosepipe, or you can also use a pressure washer. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of the two, as you can use a bucket of water as well.

Nextly, prepare a mixture of your cleanser and water in a ratio of 1:5. One part of your cleaner is mixed with five parts of water.

Apply this solution to the floor and let it sit for about five minutes to make sure the cleaner is doing its job. You can apply the solution in sections to get better results.

Nextly, scrub and remove all the dirt from your tiles using a hard bristle brush. This will ensure that all the remaining dirt and stains are removed from your tiles.

You can finally wipe off the floor with a soft cloth, rinse it with water for one last time, and achieve the shining, smooth tiles.

How to remove stubborn stains from your outdoor porcelain and quarry tiles

For some stubborn and non-avoidable stains, a normal cleaner won’t be enough. These unavoidable stains are often caused by oil, grease, and other spills.

You would need a devoted stain remover to get rid of them because that will especially work on the tough stains. You can find many in the market that would suit your outdoor tiles.

For effective use, spread the solution directly on the stains to the edge of the tiles till the grout lines.

Let the floor absorb the solution by leaving it on for 5-10 minutes.

Now, use the same cleaner that you used earlier to clean your tiles in the same ratio of 1:5

Lastly, wash the surface properly with water, and you must be free of the stains.

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Taking care of the grout joints

Taking care of the tiles is not enough, as dirty grout lines can degrade the whole look of your outdoor porcelain and quarry tiles.

To take care of your grout lines, you won’t need hours of cleaning to deal, but you will only need a grout stain remover. Again, you can find plenty of them in the market.

Make a mixture by adding one part of the grout stain remover to four parts of water for mild stains and change the ratio to 1:1 if the stains are worse.

Use this solution on the grout lines with the help of a sponge or with a soft cloth and leave it for around five minutes.

After five minutes, use a damp cloth to clean the grout lines.

Post cleaning guide to make your tiles shine

In the case of outdoor porcelain and quarry tiles, you won’t need to seal them. But if you wish to take special precautions, you can add this step to your post-cleaning routine.

For this, you’ll need a tile protection spray from the market.

This spray would ensure protection against grease, oil, water, and other things you wish to avoid for your outdoor tiles. Use the spray directly onto your tiles, and you are good to go.

Due to the tough and impeccable properties that outdoor porcelain slabs and quarry tiles inhibit, the cleaning process is not tedious. All you would need is some simple equipment that is easily accessible and the motivation to do the cleaning twice or thrice a year.

We hope through this blog, we were able to cater to your needs and help you make your cleaning process for your porcelain and quarry tiles more fun and easy. Reach out to us today for a range of premium and good-quality outdoor tiles that would elevate the looks of your home.

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