No material in the market can take over the elegance and sophistication of a natural stone. Even after people made advancements and started using synthetic tiles, natural stones remain the preferred choice because they are durable and timeless.

It is pretty standard for people to give too much attention to the flooring and landscaping of the rest of the house rather than the bathrooms, which often end up getting ignored.

If you are bored of average-looking tiles in your bathroom and want to elevate the whole look, natural stone bathroom tiles can do the work for you by adding natural beauty.

Natural stones not only provide beauty to your bathrooms, but there are several advantages of using natural stone bathroom tiles, like adding value to your space, water and stain resistance properties, endless options to choose from, and much more.

If you are looking for an everlasting material for refurbishing your bathroom, then there is no way you can find a better option than natural stone. Natural stone comes in a variety like granite marble, slate limestone, etc. And it is pretty normal for customers to get confused in deciding which one will suit the requirements the best.

Factors to keep in mind when selecting natural stone for your bathroom

Here are some tips to find out which natural stone would be the best choice for a bathroom.

Choose a water-resistant and durable material

A bathroom is an area that is unprotected from numerous things such as dust heat, and most importantly, it is exposed to water. Hence, choose the durable and water-resistant material to preserve the quality of your bathroom flooring.

Almost all the elements present in a bathroom, like a toilet, the shower, and the bathtubs, are in regular contact with water. Natural stone is one such material that is immune to all kinds of water and heat counters, unlike several synthetic materials. Limestone and marble are such materials, and you won’t face problems like swelling or cracking with tiles made with these materials.

One should always keep the bathroom clean, and that may be a challenging task to fulfil with synthetic materials, while natural stones are usually safe from bacteria and only need regular sealing and cleaning with a pH-neutral stone cleaner.

Hence opting for natural stone tiles for the bathroom would be an excellent choice for people who cannot spend hours cleaning their bathrooms.

Choose from different varieties that match your style

Synthetic tiles come in similar structures and designs. One of the most significant advantages of choosing natural stone tiles for bathrooms is that they come in endless varieties, which are quite different in shape and size and can help you find the best option.

Limestone provides a subtle pattern that can help you achieve a pleasant and monotonous vibe for your bathroom. If you want to add a traditional look to your bathroom, you can opt for limestone, which comes in different shades of beige and cream. You can also find limestone that comes with a hint of gold pink ok, and various colours.

On the contrary, if you are someone who prefers colours and textures in your bathroom rather than plain tiles, you can consider marble stone tiles which come in different textures like velvets or blacks and whites. You can choose from comprehensive options available in marble to match your style.

No matter if your style is modern and chic or contemporary and antique, marbles have options to cater to everybody’s needs that ensure distinctive designs for your bathrooms.

Make sure to decide what finish you want

Natural stone is a durable and sturdy material that is safe even if you have pets or toddlers at your home, but every type of natural stone has properties that make it distinctive, so it is advisable to make up your mind about what finish you want to have before choosing your natural stone bathroom tiles.

You can choose glossy finishes to add luxury to your house like granite, marble, etc., but people generally avoid them due to their slippery finish as it poses a greater risk of accidents on wet surfaces like floors, tubs, and tiles, but they can be chosen for a wall instead and can add a sleek finish to your bathroom.

If you want to enjoy a firm grip on your bathroom floor, you can opt for tiles with a textured finish that will also prevent scratches and marks and is anti-slip.

Another trending finish that people opt for these days is chipped finishes, as they give a sleek and rustic look while the surface of the tiles remains smooth, making them a perfect choice for people who love both smooth and textured at the same time.

Lastly, natural stone for bathroom remodel can do wonders by adding different elements of glamour, style, and elegance to your bathroom. If you are also bored with your old-fashioned bathroom and wish to add life to the design, consider getting natural stone tiles for the bathroom and choosing from a wide range of tiles like granite, limestone, marble, and more.

You can never go wrong with natural stones if you do proper research. The last thing you would want to keep in mind is that you can have a taste different from others and it should be planned and executed well so that you make an informed purchase that you cherish for years to come.

Fix your budget

Setting a budget is important as designing a small space like a bathroom can cost almost equal to that of a kitchen.

Select a stone that suits your requirements. You should be prepared with funds for your floor-to-ceiling design if that’s what you choose. It can burn a hole in a pocket if not appropriately planned.

Get expert advice on natural stone for bathroom remodel today!

We hope we were able to give you a detailed description of how you can add beautiful natural stone tiles to your bathroom and make it match your aesthetic. Strata Stones has a team of experts that can help bring your vision to reality and create the bathroom of your dreams. Whenever you decide on redesigning your bathroom, you can contact our experts and receive unbiased bits of advice to choose from different options of natural stones for your bathrooms. For any further queries, contact us today!


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