Limestone paving adds an elegant look and feel to any outdoor space, whether it is a backyard, patio, or a walkway. But the staining and fading of stone occur when it is not cleaned and maintained properly. Since outdoor spaces are exposed to the environment and are mostly used as garden patios and walkways, the presence of sand and debris is evident.

If cleaned regularly and the right way, you can keep your outdoor flooring look elegant for years. But the question is how to clean limestone paving the right way?

This is a common question by the property owners because most of the stain removers in the market are not appropriate for black limestone paving or other coloured stones.

Limestone is a natural stone that contains calcium and other carbon materials. If cleaned with an acidic liquid, the stone might damage.

So, here in this write-up, let’s discuss everything about cleaning the limestone paving slabs so that it looks good and lasts for years.

Regular Limestone Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular cleaning of limestone slabs is the best way to keep the paving last for years without getting damaged, stained, or faded. It doesn’t take much effort to do regular cleaning.

Sweep away the dust and debris on a daily basis. If it is a garden patio or walkway, it won’t take much time. For sweeping, you can use a small brush so that even small particles of dust can be removed and the cleaning can be done thoroughly.

After sweeping properly, you need to wash the limestone using water and non-acidic soap. It will take more time than sweeping but will help you get rid of stains and embedded marks from the slabs. Take a bucket to dilute soap and water. You can also use some liquid soapy products but ensure that it doesn’t contain any acid.

Use a sponge mop or scrub to apply the soapy water and wipe down the slabs. Scrub heavily on parts with tough stains. If you have not cleaned the floor for a few weeks, then let the dilute stay on the slabs for at least half an hour. It will help in breaking down the debris and dirt so that it can be wiped down easily later.

After that, use clean water and scrub to remove the dirt, stains, and soapy solution.

Sweeping and washing your limestone paving are essential for maintaining your property and keeping the floor look great at all times and for longer periods.

How to Remove Tough Stains from Limestone Paving?

Without regular cleaning, the slabs might get stained, which can’t be removed easily. In that case, you’ll need to use a good stain removal product.

Before applying any product on the black limestone paving slabs, the best practice is to try it on only one slab for testing whether this is the right product for your slabs or not.

Follow the guidelines mentioned by the product manufacturer for using it the right way. For example, most products are diluted with some warm water, and then scrub, cloth or mop is used to clean the entire floor.

Keep the floor wet for a few minutes (or as suggested on the product packet) so that the stains can break and become easier to remove. Once done, use water and cloth to rinse the surface.

How to Restore Faded Limestone Slabs?

When black limestone paving slabs are not maintained properly, they can start fading after a few years. However, some products in the market can restore the colours of the stone.

Generally, the stone colours start fading to grey over time because of chemical reactions. Direct ultraviolet rays of the sun also contribute to the fading. While there is no specified period of time a stone takes to fade, but the impact can be reduced and the colours can be restored using a number of stone cleaning products available out there.

Apart from using the products, the use of equal amounts of white vinegar with water can also help in getting rid of weathering from stones. Apply on the black limestone paving slabs and leave it for half an hour, then rinse it with clean water while using a scrub.

Additionally, you can follow some practices to prevent the black limestone paving from fading. These include the use of sealing, regular maintenance, etc.

Opt for Sealing Limestone Pavers 

Sealing your limestone paving can help in preventing the stains on the slabs. It doesn’t allow the growth of algae and moss on the flooring. Another benefit of sealing is that it helps in maintaining and enhancing the colours of the limestone paving you installed. But you must choose the right sealers because not all of them provide the best results.

You can opt for sealing when you buy black limestone paving slabs and get them installed. But this can also be done even after a year of paving. It is recommended to consult with a local dealer to find out the best sealer for your stone before choosing one for your outdoor flooring.

Also, remember that sealing once doesn’t mean it will last for a lifetime. You should re-seal again after a few years.

Wrapping Up

This is all you need to know about cleaning, restoring, and maintaining your limestone paving slabs to keep it in great condition for years. Nothing beats the importance of regular cleaning and washing, as it prevents tough stains and debris, which can otherwise make you use additional products that may be harmful to the stone. Sealing is another great way to prevent limestone fading.


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