Not only are your indoors, but outdoors are also responsible for making your house look more attractive and beautiful. You might have seen many ways to add beauty to your house on the Internet, but one unique way of adding creativity is through a decorative garden paving circle.

Using paving stones to add a paving circle in your garden is a beautiful way to create a focal point and an alfresco dining spot.

People often misunderstand that creating a paving circle is not a task one can easily accomplish, but we are here to break this myth. In this article, we will learn how to install a paving circle easily and effectively.

How to install paving circles easily and effectively?

First, let’s look at the materials you need to lay a perfect patio circle. You will need

  1. Paving stones
  2. Sand  
  3. Cement
  4. Tape measure
  5. Spade
  6. Rubber paving mallet
  7. Pointing trowel 
  8. Spirit level
  9. String line
  10. Compactor

These paving circle materials for sale are easily available in any local DIY store nearby your house.

Now that you have gathered all of these materials, let’s see how, to begin with, the process.

Start by positioning

Before you start laying your stones, finding the perfect spot you would want your decorative garden circle to exist is important. You should consider different factors before choosing the perfect spot, such as the seasonal changes that would take place and the light and shade positions.

You can analyse the positions perfectly well and even take the help of your family to decide on a spot. Always remember to go with the spot that you feel most comfortable in.

Then prepare for a paving circle

To prepare the area, start laying the paving stones in a dry manner to start with. To make it easy, start from the centrepiece and leave a space of 10 to 20 millimetres between the stones.

Make sure you take your time and lay the stones tidy to know what your decorative garden circle would look like.

Get going with the foundation preparation 

Before laying the actual circle, it is time to prepare the base for it. User spade and remove the soil and start digging for about 150 millimetres.

Remember that you will be required to clear all vegetation and remove the topsoil to provide a good level to lay the base. After digging, fill about 100 millimeters of the pitch with a Solid base or compacted hardcore.

Make sure that the base is set pretty well, and then start preparing a mixture of one part of cement with five parts of sand and ensure that the mixture’s consistency is not too wet.

Now it’s time to start laying the circle

  • Always remember to start with the centrepiece.
  • To start laying your stones on a bed of mortar prepared earlier, tamp down your stone using a rubber mallet. Ensure you have a full area of 1:80 to provide adequate space for rainwater drainage.
  • Keep laying each circle turn by turn and check the spirit level to avoid any mishaps.
  • Now that your circle is coming together, Admire your hard work and once the work is finished, leave it to sit and dry for at least 24 hours. It is advisable to not use the area and cover it if there are any rain chances.

It’s time to point to your patio

After letting your mortar dry completely, choose a sunny day or a day when there are no chances of rain to add final touches to your decorative garden circle. Make a mixture of three parts of sand and one part of cement but make sure not to make it too sloppy and mix it thoroughly.

Now, add this mixture into the joints or fill any gaps between the paving stones using a pointing tool to provide a clean look to your circle. This will add a professional look to your garden circle, and we’ll make it look more attractive.

Make sure you clean any excess mortar from your circle to avoid any staining in the future.

Well, you would be surprised to know that this is all you need to do to install a perfect-looking paving circle.

Some important things to keep in mind while looking forward to adding a decorative garden circle are the type of material that you choose and the aesthetics you go for.

Concluding words – paving circles for sale in the UK

Many materials in the market can help you build a decorative garden circle, but the one that we recommend is natural stone. There are many reasons for choosing natural stones, one being their durability and many others Being the easy maintenance they require and the variety they offer.

Suppose you wish to add a decorative element to your garden that is not very hard to maintain and yet provides a beautiful finish and enhances the overall aesthetic of your house. In that case, you should not think twice before getting a garden circle.

We hope that we were able to provide you with a clear idea about how to install or decorative garden circles using paving stones. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


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