A timeless and beautiful paving series, Strata Historical Collection in Farmcote offers a unique worn texture that will enhance traditional garden designs. The Strata 'Historical Collection' has a beautiful and unique ‘time worn’ appearance that replicates original and historic flagstones that have been walked on and worn down over centuries. This enchanting collection is professionally chiselled, hand-cut and tumbled to create a smooth and textured surface that fully captures the look of real century old stone. Farmcote displays a warm blend of greys and creamy browns to create an authentic and natural appearance that is perfect for traditional outdoor designs. Add a classic and antique touch to your garden by creating a pathway with Strata’s Historical Collection in Farmcote.

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500xFL x 22mm
FARMCOTE 50 pcs (16.25m2) MTO
MTO = MADE TO ORDER IN INDIA with a lead time of 10-12 weeks.

Images are for guidance only; variations in colour, texture, size and markings are inherent characteristics of natural stone.

Strata Historical Collection has an exclusive tumbled finish which creates the look of a ‘time worn’ stone. Its surface combines smoother undulating patches with textured areas that replicate stone that have been walked over for centuries. Farmcote is a uniquely finished product created to give the effect that it has been walked on for centuries, colours are a kin to that of York stone.

Thickness 22mm Calibrated
Material Sandstone
Finish Tumbled & Brushed
Usage Interior / Exterior
Colour Grey
Application Floor/Wall Tiles

Natural Stone Characteristics:

All natural stone products are unique and will vary in colour and texture, often showing distinctive markings, minor imperfections and may include mineral deposits such as iron and quartzite. Sizes are nominal and may vary. Some paving manufacturers include the pointing allowance in the individual slab sizes whereas others include the pointing allowance in the overall pack coverage. The product images shown are as accurate as photographic processes allow and may appear differently in accordance with lighting conditions and screen calibration in addition to the natural variation occurring between batches. Images may not be a true representation of a particular product size, use or laying pattern. Descriptions provided offer a combination of the manufacturer’s and our own opinion of the product’s characteristics and features.

Sandstone Description:

Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock formed of gritty sand grains and is available in a variety of colours.

– Antique, Tumbled Sandstone Antique This style of sandstone has been through a secondary process to make it appear aged and weatherworn. This process smoothes the surface to provide a more gentle riven texture and slightly rounds the edges of the stone to give the appearance of a stone that is much older than it actually is making it suitable for period homes where a new stone would look out of place. It is often produced in a calibrated thickness where the variation in the thickness of the slab is kept to a minimum to simplify the laying process.

Sandstone Colours:

Sandstone is available in a wide range of colours, some subtle and some vivid. The ranges comprise of a selection of core colours combined with subtle contrasting shades, and the balance of shades can vary between batches of even the same stone due to different seams in the stone quarry occurring over time. The colour intensity increases when the paving is wet. Most brands offer the same range of colours with slightly different names. BE AWARE that not ALL sandstone is the same quality – some unknown brands may not have been tested for suitability in the UK climate and may crack during cold weather.

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