Autumn Sandstone features golden brown and buff with hints of peach and pink. Hand cut with a riven surface. These flagstones are a beautiful way to brighten up a garden, even on a rainy day. Strata Autumn Natural Stone Paving from the Whitchurch Collection is an assured ethically sourced and produced product. Perfectly suited to traditional garden designs. Strata Stones at Paving and Flooring presents 'The Whitchurch Collection'. Offering a choice of thirteen attractive colours in natural hand cut sandstone and limestone. Images are as a guide only; variations in colour, texture, marking and size are all part of the natural stone characteristics.

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900×600 (13 pcs)
600×600 (13 pcs)
600×290 (13 pcs)
290×290 (9 pcs)
MTO= MADE TO ORDER IN INDIA with a lead time of 10-12 weeks.

Typical laying pattern, coverage shown above is attained when laid with minimal joints. Images are for guidance only; variations in colour, texture, size and markings are inherent characteristics of natural stone.

This Strata range of riven sandstone has a hand split surface and natural, hand cut sides. Autumn sandstone has a mix of warm browns, grey, tan and occasional pink tones.

Thickness 22mm Calibrated
Material Sandstone
Finish Riven & Handcut
Usage Exterior
Colour Brown Mix
Application Floor Tiles

Natural Stone Characteristics:

All natural stone products are unique and will vary in colour and texture, often showing distinctive markings, minor imperfections and may include mineral deposits such as iron and quartzite. Sizes are nominal and may vary. Some paving manufacturers include the pointing allowance in the individual slab sizes whereas others include the pointing allowance in the overall pack coverage. The product images shown are as accurate as photographic processes allow and may appear differently in accordance with lighting conditions and screen calibration in addition to the natural variation occurring between batches. Images may not be a true representation of a particular product size, use or laying pattern. Descriptions provided offer a combination of the manufacturer’s and our own opinion of the product’s characteristics and features.

Sandstone Description:

Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock formed of gritty sand grains and is available in a variety of colours. Sandstone paving is available in a range of different textures, often relying on secondary processing to achieve these finishes.

– Variable Thickness Riven Sandstone This type of sandstone has a natural cleft, uneven surface texture with occasional ridges and the edges of the slabs are usually tapered with the larger face of the slab to be laid uppermost. Variable thickness stone, i.e. those marked with a depth range such as 15-22mm +/- (refer to the Unit Depth description) have a wider variation in thickness than a calibrated thickness stone. When laid on a full mortar bed, this enables any variation in thickness to be adjusted within the bed.

– Calibrated Riven Sandstone Many riven sandstone products are offered at a ‘calibrated’ thickness which means the paving has been cut to a less variable, relatively even depth, usually around 22mm +/-, to make it easier to lay. The +/- indictaes a minor tolerance on the dimensions in accordance with British Standards. This paving should still be laid on a full mortar bed.

Sandstone Colours:

Sandstone is available in a wide range of colours, some subtle and some vivid. The ranges comprise of a selection of core colours combined with subtle contrasting shades, and the balance of shades can vary between batches of even the same stone due to different seams in the stone quarry occurring over time. The blend of colours may include grey, pink, khaki, maroon, buff and many more shades which when combined, create the mix of colours associated with the colour name of the paving. The colour intensity increases when the paving is wet. Most brands offer the same range of colours with slightly different names. If colour variation is not a desirable feature, then it is recommeneded that natural stone and especially sandstone should not be considered as a paving choice. BE AWARE that not ALL sandstone is the same quality – some unknown brands may not have been tested for suitability in the UK climate and may crack during cold weather.


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