No matter the size of your outdoors, a thoughtfully remodeled outdoor space can make a big impact on your home life. Whether it’s 100 square feet or 10,000, it should be carefully curated, designed, and most importantly inviting.

If your backyard patio entices you to spend as much time as possible outdoors- a place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, an afternoon get-together, or even a large gathering, then congratulations. The good news is that you don’t have to break your back in order to make your home attractive from the outside, and fun for your family and guests to hang out with. You are one of the many homeowners who are always under budgetary constraints, so we have found you the best alternative solutions to meet your functional and comfortable lifestyle.

Design Your Space and Define Your Plan

Just like any other space in the house, we would recommend taking some time to decide what your goal is with the space. That is, whether you will be using your outdoor space primarily for dining, grilling, gardening, or play. First, you need to prioritize between functionality and ornamentation as this will help you create a seamless transition between your home’s exterior and interior.
The wow and most affordable way to do so: add outdoor flooring which is available in a wide range for a patio to driveway along with garden accessories like benches, planters, and water features. Check out our outdoor space remodeling ideas that are entirely pulled from practicality, durability, return on investment, and enhances the overall aesthetics:

1. Have a seat, design your outdoor patio: If you are willing to allocate some money towards a backyard project. There are many affordable ways of updating the patio and giving it a fresh and contemporary look. In the middle of a lush backyard, it provides a functional living space. Most people think of patios as just wooden platforms. In reality, they can incorporate multiple levels, outdoor kitchen amenities, and custom design details. Think of it as a blank canvas for your ideal open-air living and relaxing area. The simplest way to change the look is by opting for outdoor flooring.

If your renovation budget doesn’t include thousands of dollars, we have got a perfect solution that is durable: natural stone pavers. You can define your outdoor sections, as well as give a unique look to your outdoor patio while giving your outdoor area a stylish upgrade.

2. Think outside the slab, build an easy fire pit: If you have a larger outdoor space, then there are a lot of options you can choose for designing the space. Depending on your taste and preference you can divide the space into smaller areas which you can decorate differently, with different pavers for any theme and occasion. Start with a fireplace, where you can chill with your friends and family and enjoy food near the fire.

You can easily create an inviting fire pit area that will quickly become your new favorite spot during winters in your backyard, with a shortlist of materials and just a few hours.

3. Focus on the Driveway: A garden isn’t necessary for this next outdoor remodeling, but sure it will look gorgeous with elements like fencing and landscaping around it! The entrance of your home should be designed such that it improves the looks and also guarantees a good impression from the potential buyers. It also improves safety!

You can either go classic by creating a meandering pathway with stone or brick or if you are all about being creative, you can test your abilities by going all out and choosing unconventional materials like marble tiles. Also, you can find reliable suppliers selling a wide range of natural stones. Another great option is creating a curb appeal, by using pavers that complement your driveway. These pavers or boundary walls can act as a trail to grow your planter.

Don’t forget small details! Pretty products to enhance your driveway include a small garden fence in the form of interlocks to curve around a driveway.

4. Add Accent Colors Throughout the Backyard: Creating a beautiful outdoor environment is all about blending the natural and man-made throughout. Garden flooring, furniture, planters are all great for adding extra color to a space. While using the same colors throughout helps to tie all the elements in a cohesive manner, dividing different sections makes each area defined.

Nothing competes a unique outdoor space remodeling like a pinch of plant life. And when it comes to the possibilities, they are endless with mixing and matching flower designs and other plants that are perfect for adding that drama.

5. Craft A One-Kind-Of-A-Mosaic with Water Feature: If you have a large outdoor space, we recommend dividing up the yard so your space doesn’t feel like one large square. Within your available space imagine waking into a backyard with a stunning mosaic across the ground, that is a water feature.

The key is accentuating details, that is, creating flow and continuity among these sections with similar colors, textures, patterns, and lighting concepts. Whether you opt for a Bulla, Eridanus, Lyra, or Catinus, you can choose gravels and pebbles available in different colors and shapes. However, it is important to keep the rest of your backyard design in mind as you plan your mosaic.

We recommend something low-maintenance and easy to set up!

Enhance Your Outdoor Area with These Tips

1. Clear plan: It should go without saying but having a clear plan will allow smooth functioning, as well as your project, will be completed on a budget.
2. Choosing durable and strong materials: Whether you use your backyard or not, you would want your place to stay intact and beautiful for years. This is where purely natural pavers, to bear the heavy loads and footfall, offer great durability, strength, and flexibility. Here are a few reasons to choose natural stone:

a. While in today’s world imitation is the highest form of flattery, you can create your unique space by mixing and matching designs.
b. While other materials can undergo wear and tear, natural stones offer durability that can’t be surpassed by other alternatives.
c. Cleaning and maintenance are quite comfortable in any season, be it snow or rain with simple tools these will be as good as newly installed ones.

3. Outdoor flooring: The material used for backyard flooring also decides the vibe and sets the tone for other prominent features that you might decide to add.

4. Garden landscaping: One of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways to reimagine your backyard area is by adding some personalizations by incorporating plant ideas and garden accessories.

Unbeatable Quality from Leading Producers and Exporters!

At Strata stones, our team is dedicated to two things: the gorgeous styles in flooring and accessories that transform your yard and exceptional quality in everything we offer. Whether you are looking to remodel your exteriors or interior to provide materials for your curb appeal or patio, you can count on us!
This means you can enhance the look of your whole home, your backyard structures will look more new- and last for decades. Although we are experts in providing you with the selection of raw materials to provide you with the durability of investment you make, we also have a range of garden accessories and installation guides to help you with the best before you make any decision.

Simply put, with our directly employed specialist who checks each stage- you can be rest assured to receive quality structures perfect for remodeling your outdoor flooring.


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