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Message From The Chairman

I have had the privilege of visiting some of the world’s finest historical buildings, observing the magnificence of their architecture and admiring the craftsmanship that spans many hundreds of years and natural stone is recognised as the material of choice for architects today as it was then. Both residential and commercial projects all over the world choose stone due to the unique beauty of the material, and the unspoken statement of timelessness, quality and prestige that it conveys.

Our concentration and focus at Strata is to continually invest in our stone processing factories and ensure that we are able to offer an extensive range of solutions for our clients, some of which are presented in this brochure.

The attention to quality and considerable portfolio means we offer our customers a complementary range of solutions for interior and exterior surfaces in any project and allows us to invest in the traditional sawing and processing techniques, as well as 21st century CNC technology.

At Strata our collection of stone includes many finishes and textures to enable our clients to create different styles and effects, but if you are looking for something bespoke, we would be delighted to hear your ideas. As creative partners, you’ll find our Design and Technology team attentive, professional and always stimulating in working with you to achieve your objective.

Our clients are demanding, and rightly so. They judge us on the quality and consistency of every piece they receive. That’s why our quality control begins long before manufacturing is initiated, and continues right up to the moment of shipping.

Finally, I’m delighted that Strata Stone Ltd holds the Ethical Stone Register’s verification level certificate issued by The Stone Federation which was created to help the industry in the UK demonstrate that the stone it uses from all over the world is sourced from quarries and factories that are free from modern slavery and employment practices that put people’s lives and health at risk or disregards the environmental impacts of their operations.

It is a major initiative and anyone selling natural stone needs to be embracing it and the rest of the market needs to come up to speed so that we are not the only company importing Indian stone that holds this important, ethical verification certificate.

Our fabulous team look forward to being of service to you and await your call on 01473 917 345 to discuss your requirements.

Yours sincerely

Sanjeev Agrawal

Chairman – Strata Stones