Natural Stone

Differing in composition, colour, tone and texture to provide a truly unique experience, Natural stone refers to any type of stone that has been quarried from the earth and used for building and decorative enhancements. Varying from surface to surface, our durable and effortlessly beautiful Natural Stone products include Limestone, Marble, Quartzite, Sandstone, Slate & Porphyry. Whether you are looking for something modern or a sense of rustic charm, you will find a Natural Stone solution that suits your style and exceeds your expectations.


A sedimentary stone, formed in aquatic places of the earth such as the bottoms of lakes, rivers and oceans, Limestone contains a variety of minerals which produce an array of beautifully soft muted tones, ranging from creamy beige and tan to grey. Limestone tiles are often recommended for indoor use in low traffic living areas, bathrooms, fireplace surrounds and mantels.


Created through a method of putting limestone under a combination of intense heat and pressure, Marble is a metamorphic rock with a crystal-like texture that is truly timeless. Available in a rich palette of colours and dramatically veined varieties, marble can be carved or sculpted in many ways, making it one of the most versatile and hard-wearing decorative stones. Often seen as a symbol of luxury thanks to its high-gloss finish, Marble makes a statement in any interior space.


Adding a touch of shimmer and sparkle to any interior, Quartzite is a rock similar to slate with a medium grained texture and impressive durability. Because of this it is highly prized for use as kitchen countertops as it is far less resistant to staining and an excellent solution for high traffic flooring areas (indoor or out), where it can hold its own against exposure to the elements. From the more sedate shades of white, grey or beige to more playful shades of purple and pink, Quartzite encourages you to explore a piece of your own personality.


A classic sedimentary stone, starting its journey at the surface of the Earth, this natural stone is one of the most resistant to the weathering processes due to its composition of sand-sized mineral particles and quartz. This natural stone is one of the most resistant to the weathering processes and has been used for thousands of years to help walls, floors and pavers stand the test of time. With a uniform texture but array of appealing colours and finishes, there’s a sandstone product to bring any décor style to life.


Quarried in large slabs, usually from mountains, Slate is a metamorphic rock which has undergone thousands of years of deposit and compression, causing it to naturally split into beautifully textured layers. Produced in a very uniform shape and size, Slate is arguably the most common natural stone in general use today due to its durability and stain resistance. This stone can be applied to a variety of indoor or outdoor areas such as wall tiling, back splashes, flooring, roofing and landscaping. Available mostly in black and dark grey but can include subtle hints of red, green, purple, gold, and blue.


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