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Before fixing Porcelain Tiles

Please check “Shade Number” or “Batches Number” on the boxes and on each pallets. Same shade number or batch number pallets or boxes containes same colour shade

*Please note that a certain amount of shade and size variation is inherent in the manufacturing of porcelain products.

Location of batches or shade on pallets and boxes below

Batch or Shade location on each pallet

Batch Location On Boxes

Tiles used on an individual project must have the same batch code and it is also recommended that tiles used are from the same batch or share number if possible. Where this is not possible (e.g. large project installations) tiles with different batch codes can be used on different areas of the location in the same project, Tiles with different batch or shade codes should Never be mixed on one project.

Make sure that they give an acceptable blend of shade, batch, color, patterns, and design. Also, make sure that the tiles are acceptable to your satisfaction.

If you find any satisfaction regarding color, urgently inform the person of Strata Stone. We will do needful. After laying complaints will not be entertained.

Batch Variations

Below is batch variations – its not material problem. It’s Normal in manufacturing process. Manufacturer control as less batches as possible. Be careful before laying. Below is examples of error of wrong laying. Not Manufacturer.

Please look for designs patten in asymetic designs

Here volcanic grey has 6 different randoms. Avoid use same randoms to near to each others it creates unsatisdaction.