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Incorporating Natural Stone Tile Floors into Modern Interior Design Trends

Incorporating Natural Stone Tile Floors into Modern Interior Design Trends

They say, ‘Nothing is constant but change’. This rule of the Universe is applied to everything, let alone the interior decor and design trends. They change like seasons, but if there is anything that has always been consistent in its popularity, use, and beauty, then it is the natural stone tile floor and wall.

As one of the leading natural stone suppliers in the UK, over the years Strata Stones has witnessed an impactful surge in the demand for natural stones to adorn walls and flooring of their living space. And why not, these stones have always remained a symbol of durability, timeless aesthetics and sophistication for several decades. 

Although there are other flooring design solutions available in the market, the kind of magic natural stones bring to the modern interior floors is truly unmatched. The perfect amalgamation of natural stone tile floor and modern interiors creates a visually appealing ambience. 

Read this blog and explore how interior stone flooring can be incorporated well in the modern interior design trends to make the spaces look absolutely stunning. 

Before we dig deeper into the use of natural stone flooring in modern interior designs, it is essential to understand that a natural stone tile floor features unique patterns, colours, and textures that are formed in millions of years. That is why, each stone is no less than a treasure or a work of art. 

Its timeless appeal complements modern design trends that mainly pay attention to minimalism. With a variety of natural stone options available for flooring, Strata Stones is the most sought-after brand to vouch for. From marble, granite, slate to travertine and limestone tiles, we host a humongous collection of tiles, each offering a distinctive appearance and feel. This versatility helps interior decorators, architects, contractors, and construction companies to come up with remarkable floor designs to complement the overall decor of the space. 

Let’s understand how these varieties of interior stone flooring tiles can beautify the spaces like never before:


An epitome of luxury and opulence, marble tiles look great in modern design interiors as they add a touch of elegance to the ambience. 


Exuding neutral colours and smooth surfacing, limestone tiles create a sense of airiness in the space. They are considered a perfect choice for contemporary spaces as they have a natural elegance.  


With a stunning array of colours, textures, and patterns, granite is the most durable stone with the attributes of luxury and sophistication. Its distinctive grains add a unique character to modern interiors and never fail to leave a lasting impression. 


For contemporary interiors, people vouch for travertine tiles as they create inviting ambience with its warm and earthy colour tones. 


Featuring textured surface and rustic look, if you want to bring indoors the eternal grace of outdoors, then swear by slate. Also, It’s a perfect material for flooring if you wish to achieve a modern farmhouse or industrial look.

Learn How These Tiles Can Seamlessly Blend into the Modern Interior Decor


The interiors that function on the concept of ‘less is more’ would love the idea of constructing natural stone tile floor. The reason behind is the natural elegance, simplicity, and inherent grace of these stones. You can choose neural, earthy shade, or even light-coloured stones for a sleek and subtle look. 


The rugged textures and rich hues available in slate and granite add depth to the interiors. 


To enhance the Scandinavian interior decor style, it is suggested using natural stone flooring which never fails to create a sense of harmony and serenity. The light-coloured limestone tiles and marble can be the perfect options to consider as they add lustre and glamour to the ambience. 

As natural stone suppliers in the UK for several years, we have an astute team of professionals with profound knowledge of different natural stone tiles for walls or floors. These experts also guide the buyers on combining materials with natural stones to create visual striking contrast in the modern interiors. If you want to learn how to pair a variety of materials with these stones, read further:


Create a combination of natural stone and wood elements. This will form a beautiful contrast between rustic and modern elements. Wood can be used for accents, such as baseboards or thresholds, to soften the look.


For a chic, contemporary ambience, make sure you use the amalgamation of natural stones with metal accents like stainless steel or brass. You can use such combinations in bathrooms or kitchens to give these areas an edgy look. 

Open Concept Living Spaces:

In modern designs, open concept living spaces are gaining a lot of popularity these days. It means the rooms flow seamlessly into one another. For instance, the living room floor flows into the kitchen and represents continuity in the floor of the kitchen as well. Using the same type of natural stone throughout your home creates a cohesive look and enhances the sense of spaciousness.

Mix and match:

Don’t hesitate in implementing design experiments using different types of natural stone tiles. Mix and match marble and granite tiles to create a captivating pattern on the floors. 

Large format tiles:

In the modern interiors, the large format natural stone tiles look extraordinary. Easy to clean and maintain, installing large format tiles will undoubtedly be an accurate decision. 

Accent walls:

Our vast collection of natural stone tiles for wall gives a lot of leeway to designers so that they can make accent walls. From drab to fab, these walls instantly become a focal point of the room, ensuring that they add visual interest.

Now that we have enlightened our readers about incorporating natural stone tile floors into modern style interiors, it is essential to pay attention to these cleaning and maintenance tips. By following these strategies, the beauty and grace of the interior stone flooring can remain intact for many years to come:

  • Make sure that the natural stone tile floors are cleaned regularly. Avoid using cleaners with the presence of acid or bleach as these ingredients are certain to damage the surface of the floors.  Use pH neutral cleaners which will not affect existing sealers or other types of coatings. 
  • Some people use harsh chemicals on the spots thinking that they will remove the stubborn stains, but it never works this way. Rather, these abrasive cleaners damage the surface of the stone. Also, make sure you use a soft brush or sponge to gently rub the marks. 
  • Say no to procrastination. In case of spills and stains, take prompt action by cleaning them immediately, otherwise they will turn hard and stubborn. 
  • In high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, make sure you use mats to prevent surface from scratches and wear. 
  • Every type of natural stone is unique with distinct attributes and characteristics. So, if the natural stone you have chosen needs regular sealing, then use the best type of sealer to prevent surface from stains and damage. 

Strata Stones is strongly committed to deliver the best natural stone tiles for floors and walls. So far, we have helped several architects, builders, contractors and interior decorators to design marvellous construction projects that ensure durability and aesthetics. So what is stopping you from checking out our vast collection? Visit us today!