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Maintenance and Cleaning of Strata Stones Paving

All paving benefits from simple maintenance and cleaning. Detritus will accumulate on the surface and weeds may settle into this and start to grow. Weeds do NOT grow through properly-laid paving: they grow onto poorly maintained paving.


Regular sweeping with a broom will remove most of the usual litter and garden debris that finds its way onto all pavements. Occasionally, it can be beneficial to hose down the paving, adding a dash of basic detergent if required to help remove any surface stains. For sensitive paving such as limestone’s, many cleaning specialists prefer to use a mild baby shampoo in place of standard detergent as they believe this runs less risk of damaging the natural colouring of the stone. Scrubbing with soapy water and a stiff brush will help shift any awkward stains, but don’t be tempted to use anything overly abrasive, such as steel wool or wire brushes as these can leave marks on the surface of your paving.

Power Washers

Power washers can help clean heavily soiled paving but they should be used sparingly and with great care. They can damage the surface of the stone and/or the jointing if not handled correctly. If a power washer is to be used, we would strongly recommend the use of a ‘rotary cleaning head’ rather than the more usual ‘lance’ as these are less damaging to the paving while still being very effective against dirt. When power washing is used, it should be limited to one, and a maximum of two sessions per year. Patios and driveways that are power washed on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis tend to develop structural problems such as failed jointing, settlement and excessive surface wear of the paving.

Awkward Stains

For heavy staining, such as oil drips, autumnal fruits, bird droppings, etc., if basic cleaning using hot, soapy water does not work, we would recommend that you seek specialist advice from a surface cleaning professional. Many of the ‘patio cleaners ‘sold in DIY store or Builders’ Merchants are based on strong acids that can irreparably damage certain types of stone or adversely affect the natural colouring. Always test any cleaning product on a surplus flagstone or sett or in a discreet corner before applying it to the paving.


Efflorescence is a problem more commonly associated with concrete paving, as the characteristic white powdery deposit originates in the calcium carbonate of the concrete, but it can also affect natural stone paving when it is laid on mortar or concrete. While the appearance of efflorescence can detract from the looks of a new pavement, it is important to understand that, no matter how bad it may seem, it is temporary, that it will pass with time, and that it is not actually damaging the stone.

There are efflorescence removers that can be used to wash away the worst of any deposit, but they are removers, not cures, and it is quite likely that a new deposit will appear within a few days, although it may not be as heavy as the original deposit. Simple washing with warm soapy water will usually achieve the same, and at a much lower cost!

Strata Stones Sizing/Dimension Policy

All dimensions given are nominal and subject to manufacturing tolerances. The quoted dimensions of our paving ranges are those normally attained when the slabs are arranged correctly spaced.

Product Colour Variation

Tonal and colour variations are evident in all Strata products and whilst the colours reproduced in this brochure are as accurate as photographic and printing processes allow, it is essential that your choice is made from actual materials at your local stockist. This is particularly important when choosing Natural Stone products where considerable variation occurs.

When using several packs, products from all the packs should be blended throughout the project to produce an acceptable overall natural appearance.


Manual Handling

Most of our products are heavy. Some are very heavy. Appropriate handling precautions include wearing protective gloves and footwear and obtaining assistance when moving items weighing over 20kg.


In the unfortunate but unlikely event of products reaching you in less than satisfactory condition, please notify the retailer immediately.


In an unlikely event of our products reaching you in a less than satisfactory condition, please notify your supplier within 2 hrs from time of delivery, they will be happy to assist you and advise you of replacements etc.

Please note that if any products are knowingly laid with any defects apparent prior to laying then we reserve the right not to replace the product and will not accept any responsibility for costs incurred for relaying or rectifying the problem.

Other Information

If you should have any further questions, concerns or want to learn about any common problems found when a product has been incorrectly fitted or sealed, please visit