Safety is paramount when it comes to designing outdoor areas of a residential, commercial, or a public space. If you have got an outdoor construction project to take care of, then as a responsible architect, builder, contractor or a construction firm, it is imperative to choose the right non-slip paving slabs for your clients. 

Whether you are supposed to design a patio or a functional driveway, durability and aesthetics are not the only factors that need your attention. Before anything else, you must prioritize the safety of those who would use these outdoor spaces every day. 

Here, you will learn the importance of installing slip-resistant modern patio slabs so that your clients enjoy a well-built patio, driveways, and garden walkways without worrying over falling or slipping accidents. 

Why Does Exterior Stone Flooring Need Non-Slip Slabs?

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the serene beauty of the outdoors? Everyone loves it, right? But these areas can be perilous when exposed to rainwater, dew, pool splashes, and moisture. Leaving the surfaces slippery, the sudden climate changes can lead to major accidents and severe injuries. The situation is truly worrisome for parents with small kids and elderly citizens. So, what’s the solution? To reduce such accidents and risks of falling, it is best to use non-slip paving slabs.

Featuring unique textures and anti-skid surface treatments, the porcelain outdoor slabs make an excellent choice for a wide range of outdoor applications. From patios to garden walkways to driveways and pool decks, they are used extensively in areas prone to moisture and water. These slabs are less slippery even when wet, ensuring safety from injuries. 

What Are the Benefits of Non-Slip Paving Slabs in Exterior Application?

To seek utmost clarity in this context, read through these benefits of installing non-slip exterior stone flooring and enlighten yourself. 

Prime Safety:

‘Safety comes first’, you may have heard this trite expression a million times. We suggest you put it into practice this time. The anti-skid paving slabs offer enhanced safety as they reduce the risk of slips and falls. Install them in exteriors like pool decks and pathways where kids often play and elderly walk.  

Sudden Climate Change:

The vicissitudes of climate, like sudden rain, snow, or dew make the surface of the floors wet and slippery. However, when you create outdoor patios using non-slip paving slabs, you secure the homeowners, guests, and visitors year-round with complete safety. 

Easy Maintenance:

Some natural stone paving slabs need regular sealing to avoid staining, which naturally costs high. On the other hand, the porcelain outdoor slabs with slip-resistant properties are easy to clean and maintain. With regular sweeping and occasional washing, they will keep looking pristine and lustrous for many years to come. 


When constructing outdoor spaces, durability is one of the most important factors in choosing the slabs. Strata Stones suggest using non-slip paving slabs in porcelain material as they are highly durable and ensure longevity. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist wear and tear.

Timeless Beauty:

As the outdoors of a property reflect the personality of the people living in it, it is crucial to use exterior flooring that is not only durable and anti-skid but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space. By choosing these paving slabs, you give outdoor areas a much-awaited makeover. 

Versatility in Pattern & Design:

The ability to be installed in a variety of outdoor settings, including residential, commercial, and public spaces, these slabs are suitable for both functional and decorative purposes. You can play with a wide range of patterns and designs using such slabs and give a striking appearance to the flooring. 

How to Choose the Right Non-Slip Paving Slabs?

For building and constructing any outdoor project, it is essential to choose the right exterior stone flooring slabs, and these factors will help you make the right decision. 

Check out the Material:

The anti-skid paving slabs come in a variety of materials which offer different textures, rough surfaces, and even rubber pavers designed for extra grip to avoid slipping. Thus, keep yourself updated with these distinctive materials so that you can make the right choice for your client. 

Surface Texture:

During the selection process, vouch for the modern patio slabs with textures that provide the necessary traction. If the texture has raised patterns, grooves, and rough finishes, then it is the most apt material for outdoor surfaces, ensuring the highest slip resistance.

Size and Thickness of Slabs:

In order to create outdoors with better stability, make sure that you select thicker and larger pavers. The thickness and size really matter as they ensure longevity and strength. 

Colour and Style:

Whatever type of paving slab you choose for exterior flooring, make sure it complements the outdoor aesthetics and design. For instance, if the design theme is minimalism, then make sure you choose muted tones for a chic and contemporary look. 

Weather Resistance:

As one of the highly trusted natural stone suppliers in the UK for many years, our proficient teams suggest that the slabs you choose should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, especially if the area experiences  extreme temperatures, rainfall, or freeze-thaw cycles.

Proper Installation:

Even though you have selected the best non-slip paving slabs for an outdoor space, if they are not installed in a proper way, the purpose will remain unsolved. It may even lead to further damage. Thus, correct placement and sealing done by professionals is a crucial matter to consider. 

Less Cost of Maintenance:

Like we said earlier that anti-skid paving slabs come in a variety of textures and materials, make sure you choose the one that ensures ease of cleaning and maintenance. In this context, rubber pavers win hands down in the battle with other materials.  


You must have prepared a budget to construct the outdoor space in congruence with the needs of your client. While safety is essential, it’s also important to work within the given budget. Non-slip paving slabs come in a range of price points, so you can find options that fit your financial plan.

How Do Non-Slip Paving Slabs Work in Different Outdoor Areas?

Pool Decks:

Slip and fall accidents around swimming pools are quite common. The reason behind is obvious- the wet surfaces which become slippery. To avoid such accidents, use anti-slip porcelain outdoor slabs around pool decks. The textured or rough-surfaced pavers will not only make the area safe and prevent injuries but also create a captivating look if you choose vibrant and eye-catching colors. 

Pathways and Walkways:

During rainy seasons, the pathways and garden walkways become extremely slippery, leading to slip and fall cases. However, if you use exterior stone flooring with stone-like textures or gravel imprints, you can be assured of mitigating these risks. These textures not only provide stability and extra grip but also add oodles of charm to the landscape. 


Vehicles may skid in wet and icy conditions, but if the driveways are constructed using non-slip pavers available in concrete or brick, then the possibility of skidding reduces to a great extent. 

By investing in these slip-resistant outdoor paving slabs, you choose safety and beauty together, without compromising either of these essential components. Visit Strata Stones today, one of the leading natural stone suppliers in the UK. Check out our remarkable collection of exterior stone flooring materials and place an order now!


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