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Unique Stone Wall Cladding Ideas for Your Home

The walls of a living space set the tone for overall interiors. And, getting them painted is not enough to create a statement. If you wish to give your home a distinctive look, then interior stone cladding is something to swear by.  This technique is all about covering interior walls with a natural stone to […]

Incorporating Natural Stone Tile Floors into Modern Interior Design Trends

They say, ‘Nothing is constant but change’. This rule of the Universe is applied to everything, let alone the interior decor and design trends. They change like seasons, but if there is anything that has always been consistent in its popularity, use, and beauty, then it is the natural stone tile floor and wall. As […]

Natural Walling Stone – All You Need To Know

Walls are the foundation of your house, and it’s important to have strong and beautiful-looking walls to make your house stand out from the rest and appeal to the visitors from the word go. There are many materials available in the market to ensure the strength and the beauty of your walls but one that […]