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Unique Stone Wall Cladding Ideas for Your Home

Unique Stone Wall Cladding Ideas for Your Home

The walls of a living space set the tone for overall interiors. And, getting them painted is not enough to create a statement. If you wish to give your home a distinctive look, then interior stone cladding is something to swear by. 

This technique is all about covering interior walls with a natural stone to give them a fancy and decorative touch. You may have heard of a plethora of wall decor ideas but this one is truly unique with a variety of advantages besides aesthetics. Before we delve deep into the stone wall cladding ideas, first understand the benefits of using interior stone tiles for walls. 

Adds a Decorative Flair

These stone clad walls add personality to the space through textures, colours, and patterns. Their presence elevates the ambience of a room, ensuring that it captivates everyone’s attention. Through this technique, homeowners can create an accent wall which becomes the focal point of a room instantly. 

A Plethora of Choices to Pick from

There are several natural stone suppliers that offer a myriad of options in interior stone cladding. Based on your decor preferences and existing style of interiors, you can pick the texture, colour, and pattern that suits your requirements. As you are going to look at this wall every day, make sure you choose something which speaks to you. 

Longevity and Durability

The interior natural stone is a highly durable material which promises to last a lifetime. Offering resistance from wear and tear, moisture, and stains, these stones are not only used in wall cladding but also for stone flooring indoor purposes. 

Regulate Room Temperatures

With inherent insulation property, some natural stones maintain the indoor temperatures, making the environment more comfortable for everyone. It potentially reduces the energy costs. 

Minimal Upkeep

Naturally, you have to incur the installation costs during the process of interior stone cladding, but the good news is that once installed, the stone cladding typically requires minimal maintenance. Go maintain its appearance and beauty, occasional cleaning is all you need. Adding a touch of elegance, or enhancing the overall ambiance, interior natural stone cladding offers a captivating solution for interior design. 

Now, let’s explore some unique stone wall cladding ideas that can simply elevate the decor of your interiors and take it to new heights. 

Amalgamation Works Wonders

The combination of natural stones like granite, limestone, slate, and marble can create a visually appealing look on the wall. The striking mix of colours and textures creates a featured wall which becomes a photography backdrop in your space for everyone who visits you. 

You Can Never Go Wrong with Geometric Patterns

The stylish and chic look of geometric patterns will never be outdated as they add a contemporary touch to the walls. Whether you wish to arrange stone tiles in geometric shapes or patterns like basketweave, herringbone, hexagonal designs, you are assured to witness a transformative change in the interiors. By looking at this artistic wall every day, you will certainly be proud of your decor choices. 

Vertical Gardens

Integrate the power of nature and greenery into a stone clad wall. It involves creating pockets for plants to grow using planters that hold soil. These vertical gardens are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but work as a great air purification method indoors. Besides creating a harmonious blend of natural stone and plants, you can add drama with stunning LED lighting behind the stone panels. This will showcase a backlight effect, ensuring that the ambience looks truly magical. 

Artistic Mosaics

Adding artistic flair to the wall, you can create intricate mosaic designs using small stone pieces. To make it even more interesting, use different types of materials and stones featuring a variety of colours and textures. From depicting abstract designs to nature-inspired scenes and geometric patterns, you can choose any theme for creating an embellished look. 

Rustic Accent Walls

If your interior stone flooring represents a raw and organic look, then make sure you choose the wall cladding which harmonises with the flooring in some way. Thus, for a rustic visual look, you can opt for irregularly shaped stones with textured surfaces. This look will add more warmth to the interiors. 

Make Use of Metal or Wood

Stone cladding is not necessarily to be done using only stones and tiles as you can be creative and think of incorporating other elements, such as metal or wood accents. This will create a contrast and make the whole arrangement slightly unique and attention-grabbing. 

Now that we have shared some promising stone wall cladding ideas for your home, make sure you choose the one that enlivens the interiors and reflects your personality. However, to allow this technique to serve you for many more years, it is important to pay attention to its care and maintenance. Let’s learn about some tips to keep these stones looking their best for posterity: 

  • The interior stone tiles look perfect when you keep them from dirt, dust, and debris. Thus, opt for gentle cleaning solutions to get rid of the accumulated dirt. 
  • You can use a mild detergent to wipe off the surface of the stones. Never use harsh cleaners as they damage the natural texture of the stone. 
  • Avoid rubbing the spots and stains harshly using a brush. Use a soft bristle brush instead and rub on the spot gently using a clean cloth and mild stone cleaner.
  • Some natural stones require periodic sealing to seek protection from stains and moisture. 
  • Be proactive and keep inspecting the walls to address any issues of loose stone and grout deterioration promptly. This will help you prevent any other further damage. 

With these care and maintenance practices, you can safeguard the grace and beauty of the interior stone cladding. If you are in a dilemma as to where to buy these stones from, then stop worrying. The Strata Stones is one of the most recognised natural stone suppliers in the UK. Offering premium-quality stones, incredible discounts and post-sales services, this brand has got everything a buyer needs. Place an order now!